Quick Results

After completing the free consultation with a trained consultant, and understanding the various facets of MSI Credit Solutions’ program, you will be provided with a written agreement that states all of the following:

 Payment Terms for Services, Including the Total Cost.
 Detailed Description of the Services to be Completed.
 Time Period of How Long it Will Take to Achieve the Results.
 MSI Credit Solutions Minimum 50 Point Guarantee.
Credit Restoration Company Logistical Information: Contact Information & Address.

Three days after signing the agreement, and providing all necessary items to enroll in the program, the processing department will immediately begin working on your file and executing your customized plan of action. MSI Credit Solutions will audit both the credit bureaus and the creditors on your behalf, and now you can just sit back and relax, as they have 30-45 days to respond. Through the entirety of the program, you will see results that will improve your financial future! 

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